My multi-disciplinary art practice utilizes music, video, painting, and, most notably, illustration. In my work, there is an ongoing exploration into both physical and psychological horror. Most often, my body of work is rendered in monochrome with the intent to burn images into the viewers’ psyche. Tone is deliberately obscured in order to convey a disconcerting and paradoxical mix of arousal and revulsion, in an attempt to place the viewer in a dream state. Borderlines, similar to what one sees in a comic book, are integrated with the image; they are misplaced and misaligned, fracturing the image like a broken mirror, reflecting a warped and alien reality.

My portfolio consists of three-by-three feet acrylic paintings, digital collages and illustrations of various size, and examples of animated and music video. Throughout you’ll find consistent strains of subject matter: knives, organ anatomy, and sadomasochistic practice. My portrayal of knives and the resulting anatomical violence stem from a fascination with horror films and medical photography. An interpretation of these elements could be an unwelcome change brought into one’s life, bringing about circumstances that conclude in anxiety over an uncertain existence. Incorporating sadomasochism evolved from an appreciation of vintage counterculture publications that spolighted the lifestyle. My translation of S&M culture, when examined, builds an uneasy balance between pain and pleasure. It also offers an attitude of anti-authoritarianism, a refusal of repressive societal norms.